Avoid doing this 1 thing in the health niche to not have people leave your pitch

A tip I learned from a sales master:

When writing, after making a claim, immediately show the proof.

Good copy always has this duality where (A) claim is immediately backed up with (B) proof. However be careful with the type of proof you present… and HOW you present it. If you present it badly… you will lose people who are listening to you.

This also depends on the market, but know that hard facts and figures are not always the only choice… or even the best one.


Hard facts, like statistics and percentages, can break the magical buzzz like trance quality that good copy has.

It’s like showing up on the first date… with a briefcase full of $$$… and a contract for arranged marriage (wait until the 3rd one you knob!)

What can you do instead:

– Try to see if you can say it using a metaphor, analogy. Like I did just above.
– Present complex figures in a way that is memorable.
– Give your product or service a hero or sidekick persona/voice
– Identify and weave your product into the right cultural trope, societal standard or Jungian archetype

If you do this with audiences where the emotional payoff is higher than the hard fact one (i.e. Apple, supplements, Rolls-Royce and so on), you will keep them engaged which will prevent them from getting bored and leaving your pitch.

Easy peasy.