The Slightly Controversial 3-Step Copy Formula That Gets More Sales

Not only will your see how to get more sales with emails, sales letters, LinkedIn messages and other media, “Copy Magic” will show you…

  • The exact process my mentor used to revive an ad from the brink of death…to a come-to-Jesus 800% increase in sales (8x)
  • The “secret sequence” used by top lawyers, skilled salesmen, cult-leaders, preachers and even con-men to naturally make them believe your ideas
  • How people’s bullshit-meter is preventing most sales nowadays… and what you can easily do to fix that (people and clients will write you gushing “thank you” letters for this).
  • How to fly under people’s natural “pitch resistance”… with a slightly controversial method from hypnotherapy that makes them WANT to listen or read the rest of your ads
  • How a slightly unusual B2B cold-approach tactic on Linkedin wins me new business (it works so well, people have contacted me 6 MONTHS after the first message, wanting to work with me)
  • How one Facebook Ad went viral… got shared by 1100+ people… and continues to be profitable to this day
  • The 3-part way to structure a B2B email campaign for maximum profits
  • And a whole lot more…

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