Here are some of my copywriting samples. I tried to showcase different markets and types of copy rather than list all the projects I’ve ever done. Hopefully this shows you my flexibility in writing for and about different products and subjects.

Facebook Ads

  1. A campaign for MyGreenFills, a subscription service that provides monthly sachets of eco and non-toxic laundry detergents [Live] [Saved]

  2. A campaign for Vanessa Simpkins, a business coach. [Sample]


  1. [Tech/Linux] How to get super-site performance for super-low prices [Live]

  2. [Marketing] 5 Marketing Lessons From The Darkweb’s Own Heisenberg - A guest article in the print marketing newsletter Charm Offensive [Sample]

  3. [Psychology] A practical guide to NLP Modelling [Live]


One of several email campaigns sent for an Appsumo-type deal website. [Sample]

A multi-sequence email campaign for a digital product and book in the survival niche called “The Lost Ways” [Sample]

Direct Mail

My own direct mail campaign for copywriting and marketing services which got me meetings and calls with the CMOs of 200+ employees marketing companies in London [Sample]


A 3-part email campaign for a “smart” power meter that was sent to the Innon’s internal list. [Sample]

Web Copy

All the website copy for Bazi Hassan, an Internet Marketing expert and consultant [Live]

Sales Letters and VSL (Video Sales Letters)

  1. Long VSL for a DIY water “generator” sold to the prepper/survivalist market [Sample]
  2. Short VSL for a landing page that provides a lead-magnet in the dog training niche [Sample]
  3. Long VSL for a natural sleep aid supplement [Sample]