Secrets Used By $1 Billion Publisher To Sell High-Ticket Offers With “Just” Words

If you’re the kind of person that cares about getting more sales… getting a higher ROI from your curent marketing efforts or existing ad spend…

You could do worse than by looking at what billion dollar publishers are doing to sell mere “information” for high-ticket coaching prices (1-year newsletter packages starting at $2K and up).

Whether it’s acquiring new customers or growing the value of their existing base on the back-end, these marketing savvy companies would not be in business if it weren’t for their mastery of direct-response copy and strategy … If you want to know more, I reveal secrets like these (and more) in my daily “Firestarter” newsletter.

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  • Stories about how out-of-the-box-ideas create breakthrough in business (and life)… from cult-leaders to preachers, politicians, villains, sales people, comedians, artists and other people with the gift of the gab… how applying ideas from unusual places can lead to new and wonderful results.
  • How breaking through political correctness can give you a boost in response. For some reason, people love honesty and raw emotion over sensitive automatons that get triggered just by the mention of food (true story, I saw this once)… In an age of reason gone out the window, I show you how to take advantage of snowflakes and boost response in a way that is fun… and incredibly response-inducing!

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