If you’re looking for a grand mission statement like “making the world a better place” or “saving the unicorn population”, I will have to disappoint you.

Although those may be noble goals, they are just words.

But I’d rather you judge me by my actions than my words.

Quite the pickle - I know - seeing that I’m a copywriter…

Well, alright.

You want values and principles?

Do the work and do it well.

Do it so that people remember you.

Go the whole hog, including the postage.

Short story to illustrate my point:

Back in 2017, I went broke in London.

With less than a month’s rent left in my bank account, I had to improvise - and fast!

For some reason, and probably because my desperation was palpable - I could not get any writing work.

I sulked for a couple of days but then the idea of doing handy work - like cleaning houses - kicked in.

Now London is a competitive city - so even cleaning jobs have people fighting for them.

Did I stand a chance if I went toe-to-toe with the cleaning miss Martas and Ralucas of the world?


Not if I went the direct route.

Nobody wants to see the 101th “cleaning services” flyer in their already jammed mail box.

I thought this through and decided - nay, I was forced - to take matters into my own hands.

So I did print out 1000 flyers.

But there was a twist:

I wanted them to remember it and I wanted them to hold on to it.


On the reverse, I put a list of actionable tips: “7 ways to clean your house without harsh chemicals”.

One thing I learned is that if you make your advertising useful, people will keep it and remember you for it.

And remember me they did.

I started getting calls, slowly at first.

But as I started doing more jobs, weeks and even months later - I was still getting new calls!

People thanked me for the information and asked me if I could help them with their cleaning errands.

And I discovered quite accidentally - that those tips attracted people who had either allergies or were wary of using regular cleaning products.

So in a way, I found a niche in this quite competitive market.

The cleaning situation lasted for about 2 months.

It got me out of my head and into my body and I had enough to pay my rent and buy some Reese’s at the end of the day.

Lesson learned.

Now while I may not be cleaning houses anymore…

I sure can help you clean the profits, dollars and cents that are laying about in your lists and current customers through engaging copy and sound marketing strategy.

Need a job done well?

Holla at your boy.