I’m Silvestru Iapascurta and I’m a freelance copywriter and marketing strategist for tech & IT companies.

Currently I help businesses with:

  • content marketing and content strategy
  • copywriting, conversion optimization and general funnel setup
  • marketing strategy, branding and messaging consulting


Began writing direct-response copy for my own digital B2C products in 2013.

Until 2013 to 2019 worked as a freelance marketing copywriter, selling products in both B2C and B2B industries. I’ve written sales pages, blogs, emails, ads, flyers, brochures, case studies and everything in between for almost anything - from cleaning services and dog training products to BMS hardware and B2B software solutions.

2019 to mid 2021 took on a role as Technical Writer for a B2B software company. Got pretty close and intimate with the nitty gritty of software products written in C# and Java as well as the development processes of a mid-size software team.

End of 2021 resumed helping businesses on a freelance basis.

Which brings us to today :)

Techie without the glasses 🤓

I’ve always had a techie streak in me. I grew up being the kid on the block whom you’d call if you needed your computer fixed, or if you wanted to “get one of those personal website things”. You know the one. While I was still in high-school, I launched a local Quora clone in my country and wrote an RSS feed reader in C#.

Although I can read a script, edit code and know how networking works, I am much more interested in communicating the benefits of technology and software. Besides, if there’s one thing I learned from my early experiments it’s that you can have the best product and the best concept but if no one knows about it, or you don’t know how to reach your audience to tell them about it, then that is just a party of one. And parties of one tend to be kinda sad ;(

That’s why my interest gravitated more towards communication, grabbing attention and poking the prospect until they relent and say “okay already, what IS it?” or “oh, that sounds interesting, let’s try that out..”. That’s how I ended up in advertising and marketing.

And that’s what I’d like to help you with.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, holla at your boy.