A strapping young lad

Hey there!

I’m Silvestru.

You’re probably on this page because you want to know more about me and what I do.

My primary “bread-and-butter” occupation is copywriting.

I write the words that get people interested in spending their attention, time and money with your business.

That’s the short version.

If you’re interested, a longer story is below.

I also occasionally post copy tips and tricks on LinkedIn.

You’ve probably never heard of the place I’m from…

Biggest underground wine cellar in the world I was born and raised in Moldova, Chisinau.

That’s Eastern Europe. This small piece of heaven is sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine. The Eastern border of the country is occupied by Russian military and claims to be the independent autonomous republic of Transnistria.

We get along, mostly.

The single most famous thing that Moldova is known for is our wine. We have the biggest wine underground cellars in the world. The one pictured here is from a locality called Milestii Mici. It extends for a modest 200 km (~120 miles) of tunnels beneath the ground, housing all sorts of wines.

I guess you could say that Moldovans love their alcoholic beverages.

How does an Easter European get to be an English copywriter?

Dexter's Laboratory, which I liked to watch as a kid Since I was 4, I grew up with the export of American culture: MGM and Cartoon Network.

That led me to absorb English like a sponge. When I got to school, it’s not hard to imagine why English was my favourite subject.

When I finished university, I wasn’t particularly good at anything… except writing articles, content and other assorted documentation in English.

Through experimenting with different ways of making money online, from writing essays for American students to building SEO websites and then later selling ebooks, I ended up sticking to copywriting as my main earner.

I love taking complex or tangled subjects and breaking the concepts down into clear, simple language. In a past life I might have been a teacher.

I’m also somewhat of a geek. I’m no stranger to code. For example, this site is made with Jekyll (a static site generator written in Ruby) and hosted on GitHub Pages. I could’ve went the easy way and paid for a “website builder”… but where’s the fun in that?

This is who I am and what I do, in a nut-shell.

Need someone to take your product or service and talk about it in a way that people want to read, engage and ultimately buy from you? Get in touch