NB: Samples may give you an idea of my capabilities, but you don't see the thinking, strategy and context that went on behind the screen. Results will vary according to your particular situation.

B2B Emails

Product: smart power meters

Audience: building automation engineers, sales people and CTOs of companies that provide building automation solutions

Link: Google Drive

B2B Lead Gen Letter

Product: USB security software

Audience: CSOs, security managers, CTOs

Link: Google Drive

Content Marketing

Service: marketing services (agency)

Audience: small-to-medium business owners in the UK looking for help with marketing

Link: blog post (1) / blog post (2)

Case Study

Product: OpenLM is an engineering license management tool

Audience: CTOs, companies looking to manage their license servers and keep a check on their engineering license spending

Link: Google Drive

B2C Long-form Facebook Ad

Product: an eco and child-friendly washing solution based on natural ingredients

Audience: mothers, families with children

Link: Imgur

B2B Sales Letter

Product: software tool that helps managers with day-to-day tasks

Audience: managers and management staff at 30+ employee companies

Link: Google Drive

B2C Sales Letter

Product: air-to-water condenser

Audience: survivalist/preppers, mostly men, 40+ years old

Link: Google Drive

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