Just a handful of different types of copy. Need something specific? Ask me

B2B Emails

Product: smart power meters

Audience: building automation engineers, sales people and CTOs of companies that provide building automation solutions

Link: Google Drive

B2B Lead Gen Letter

Product: USB security software

Audience: CSOs, security managers, CTOs

Link: Google Drive

Content Marketing

Service: marketing services (agency)

Audience: small-to-medium business owners in the UK looking for help with marketing

Link: blog post (1) / blog post (2)

Case Study

Product: OpenLM is an engineering license management tool

Audience: CTOs, companies looking to manage their license servers and keep a check on their engineering license spending

Link: Google Drive

B2C Long-form Facebook Ad

Product: an eco and child-friendly washing solution based on natural ingredients

Audience: mothers, families with children

Link: Imgur

B2B Sales Letter

Product: software tool that helps managers with day-to-day tasks

Audience: managers and management staff at 30+ employee companies

Link: Google Drive

B2C Sales Letter

Product: air-to-water condenser

Audience: survivalist/preppers, mostly men, 40+ years old

Link: Google Drive