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Foot in door wearing fuzzy slippers

Cold mail & email

Get your foot in the door... wearing fuzzy pink slippers with steel-reinforced soles

Do you know how many pitch emails the average CxO gets? Do you know what happens to 99% of those emails?

Spam. Trash. “Please stop emailing me I will call the cops”.

Or just simply (and the most painful one) - ignored.

Want to reverse that trend and start getting calls and meetings? I can help.

Hot emails

Reward you subscribers with warm, apple pie

Do you have an email list with subscribers? Do you know what to send them on a daily and weekly basis? Do you have a proven structure for email campaigns? Are your emails getting opened and acted upon? Or are they ignored, or worse even - unsubscribed?

Having the right strategy coupled with strong copy is a sure way to milk the very profitable udder of email marketing.

Sales Pages and LPs

Sales & Landing Pages

Technically, “everything” is a sales page. In practice however, these tend to be the type of pages that are seen by people already somewhat familiar with your company or at least they have clicked on a very enticing banner promising a carrot. Clever!

But now the real heavy duty begins: presenting your story, your product, its benefits, answering objections – all of this structured in a way that keeps them hooked and engaged all the way down to your offer and the call to action.

Copy & CRO Review

Website copy & CRO review

How many leads (and money) are you leaving on the table?

It takes less than 2 seconds for a prospect to form an opinion on whether you are someone they want to do business with… or not. All of this thanks to your website.

Moreover, your site is not only an opportunity to build good will and trust but also a way to capture leads, emails and other data for further marketing purposes.

Is your website fully optimized according to CRO principles? Or do users have to whip out a magnifying glass to find what they need?

People sometimes ask...

Common Questions

How much do you charge?

An arm and a leg! Add-on saw for just $997.

But seriously, how long is a piece of string? Each project is different - has different challenges and outcomes and thus has a different value. Not only could I lose but also it wouldn’t be fair to you as to what the solution is worth to you. So it varies.

That said, if you’re a bargain hunter, I’m not your guy.

How do you work, what is your process?

  1. You get in touch

  2. We talk (Skype, Zoom, phone)

  3. If we’re a good fit, I send you a proposal

  4. If you agree on that and pay, I send you a brief to complete

  5. I wait on you to complete the brief and send it back to me

  6. I write the copy

  7. I send you the copy

  8. You put the copy where it’s supposed to be and launch it

  9. Victory dance in our rooms/office/stables

2 copy revisions are included free of charge in the initial proposal. My only condition is that we both agree on the final version. If you tweak the copy without discussing, I can’t be held accountable for the lack of results.

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